Biography Of Artist / 蘇五雲 Grand So

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Grand So was a graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in Graphic Arts, Design and Advertising. Grand was born in Hong Kong and was a natural in water-color and sculpture from his early days. In addition to water-colours and oil painting, Grand also took to sculpture - wood carving & engraving, clay modeling and body from sculpting as self-taught principles. 

He has studied monochrome drawing under Wang Shun-kit and water-colours under maestros, Messrs. Tsui Yung-sang, Lo Wai-hin and Lau Yum-tung, sketching under Mui Chong-kai and picture insert design/creative water-colours under Ng Kim-ming. So is one of the premier patrons of the arts in Hong Kong and, together with Wang Shum-kit and Cheung Lik-kuen, was involved with the launch of many cultural projects with the Fringe Club. His work has also been widely exhibited at many cultural and art venues, including the landmark, the Sculpture Show at the New World Hotel and many others, Grand So has never stopped enhancing his many talents has enrolled in many diverse artistic endeavours to further hone his skills. This has been reflected in his many creations which have become ever more inspired. 

In 1988, Grand So started Grand Design Consultants to offer full commercial design and production services to his increasing clientele base.The main thrust was corporate identity design, branding identity design, packaging design, product design, and advertising design, direct-mail design, imaging and trademark /logo design. An year later, he initiated Masterline Communications to offer full marketing strategy and advertising and promotion services. Among his many achievements, Grand So has received more than 400 awards, citations and prizes from Americas, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China ...Grand So's collected works have also been exhibited at the Beijing Print Museum Exhibition. His work also appeared in the "Japan Annual" and has been invited to numerous design competitions and exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Americas, Germany, France and Italy...

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